What is Today About?

The part of mindfulness practice that you do not hear as much about from yoga and meditation instructors concerns values.  By ‘values’ here I do not necessarily mean moral values, though those are included.  Anything that is really important to you is a value.

So one of my values is to be in contact with music: playing music, listening to music, writing music.  When I make contact with this value by engaging in these activities, my life seems meaningful and worthwhile in a satisfying way.  When I lose contact with this value and do not engage in these activities for some time, my life contracts somewhat and becomes somewhat less satisfying.

To live one’s values is not complicated, though it can sometimes mean making room for difficult experiences.  To start, ask yourself: “What do I want today to be about?”

Today might just be about taking care of your children.  That is the value you are living today.  It might be about putting in effort at work to be productive, or to get along with others.  Those are the values you are living today.

A satisfying, rich life is a life of values realized, values made real.

What is today about for you?


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