Political Mindfulness

We identify with our political views; we think we are “right” and others “wrong.”  We argue, sometimes passionately.  Is this bad?

When we are skillful, we can be political without harming others, without being divisive.  We advocate for our views without turning the Other into a demon.  We can be Republicans without hating Democrats, and Democrats without hating Republicans.  We can see our common ground while arguing spiritedly and tirelessly for what we think is right.

Without mindfulness, politics is nothing but a fist-fight and can actually lead to violence.  When we are mindful we practice skillful speech, and we do not harm others.  We can be very vocal and strong, and not make our opponents into demons, not curse them and not underestimate their humanity.  We can even make common cause and collaborate on issues we agree with.

With mindfulness, politics becomes workable, fun, vital, and useful.  It contributes to society rather than fracturing it.

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