The Observer Never Changes

All mindfulness practice starts with “notice this.”  Notice the breath, notice the sensations in the body, notice sound.  Even notice thoughts!

But what’s the point?  One answer is, the point is to notice and notice, until we notice that there is someone noticing – there is a Noticer!  There is a place in you that does not change, that notices everything.

When we make contact with the ‘I’ that notices — or the “eye” that notices — we can more easily see that we are not our thoughts, we are not our emotions.  We are then free to have any thoughts or emotions without needing to struggle with them, without having to try to control them.  Then we’re free to focus on what really matters to us and put our energies there.

To make contact with the Observer self, just practice mindfulness.  Keep still and pick a body sensation.  How about breathing?  Stay with breathing as long as possible.  Then, when thought comes up, notice that there is thought present, and return to breathing.  Notice though, that someone noticed the thoughts, someone notices the breathing.  Someone is noticing body sensations and that someone is You.   Take a moment to reflect: that’s the same You that was there on your 5th birthday, your 10th birthday, your 15th birthday.  Practice mindfulness, and notice that You are noticing.

This is not in the service of attaining some big revelation.  It’s just in order to make contact with a part of you that does not change.  Like the sea, you can have storms and great waves.  But the sea does not change, it is always the sea.  Like the sky, there can be hurricanes, but the sky is not affected.  It is always the sky.


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