No Big Deal

Sometimes we make too much of a big deal of meditation. A drive to “get it right” can get in the way. The search for the perfect environment to practice, free from any distractions, can cause us to never practice at all. We can make such a big deal out of meditating that it overwhelms us, it becomes a demanding burden or unattainable task, or maybe we infuse our meditation with a sense of specialness, an attitude of “don’t bother me world, I’m meditating” or “I’ll never get this right!”

The solution to this is no big deal. Having lots of thoughts? No big deal. Hard to find time to meditate? No big deal. Can’t find the best and most serene place to practice. No big deal. Is meditation sometimes difficult? No big deal.

No big deal can take the edge off and gives us a chance to practice meditation as a regular, imperfect, and wonderfully ordinary human being. You don’t have to be Superman.  You don’t have to be an A+ student. You don’t need awesome yoga clothes. All you need is to be yourself and to be willing to be with yourself as you already are. So relax, smile, and notice your breath. It’s no big deal.

– Dan


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