What is Laziness?

We have all at some times explained our behavior as “lazy”. But what is laziness?

Could it be we say “lazy” when we mean “depressed,” “defeatist,” or “conflicted”?

Could we say “lazy” when we mean “scared,” “avoiding”?

Sometimes we just mean “tired,” and often legitimately tired.

Whatever “lazy” means, it’s usually worth looking at what’s under the word. We can use our mindful awareness to better understand what it is that’s happening that we’re calling “lazy”.

In my experience as a therapist, and as a human being, just calling our behavior “lazy” and leaving it at that is rarely helpful. Once we get to the root of why the behavior appears lazy, we have some choices of what we want to do about it.

What to examine:

– how does my body feel when I am saying “lazy”?

– what other “stories” are attached to the story of “I am lazy”?  What’s the emotional tone of those stories?

– what happens to my laziness if I sit quietly and follow my breath for a few minutes?

– what happens to my laziness if I exercise vigorously for 5 minutes?

– what emotions come up for me when I imagine doing the tasks that I am avoiding by saying “lazy”?

– could I commit to doing some small piece of what I think I “should” be doing?

– what does it feel like to do that small piece?

With mindfulness, you don’t have to let “lazy” get in your way.


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3 responses to “What is Laziness?

  1. i am not lazy. i am very active,but when i came back from i am very lazy.

  2. Mike

    Pls what exactly and specifically is the therpy or solution to laziness? Im so weighed down with this ugly situation.

    • It really depends what the primary cause of the laziness is. If it’s depression, then therapy or antidepressants might help. If it’s just plain laziness, then taking small, measurable, deliberate steps in the desired direction can be the ticket. Example: “Too lazy” to wash the dishes. So, wash ONE dish and see what happens.

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