Mindful.org Launched

The editors of Shambhala Sun have developed a great resource — mindful.org.  It is a clearinghouse for all things mindfulness (often defined as “paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, nonjudgmentally”).  Historically, specific practices of developing awareness through meditation have been the purview of Buddhists, Yogis, or religious contemplatives, yet these particular paths may not be suited for a broad range of practitioners.

Modern science has certainly “discovered” mindfulness, as research into the benefits of mindfulness practice explodes.  Mindfulness is accessible to everyone, and as the website shows, every aspect of our busy lives can be infused with awareness:  At home, at work, in body and mind, in love and relationships, in science, news, the arts.

Mindful.org is a delightful virtual oasis.  There are so many ideas for informal practice, it might even be a little overwhelming.  It can be helpful to pick one and actually practice with it.  There is no substitute for your own experience.

post by Laura



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