Mindfulness Meditation is Simple!

Time to re-blog some of our best work, this one from back in 2010. Enjoy! -Joe

Portland Mindfulness Therapy

People think that meditation is “hard” but it isn’t, it’s very simple. Mindfulness meditation takes advantage of 2 basic neurological facts:

Fact One, you can almost always bring your physical body to stillness. The same is not true of the mind and emotions. So we start by bringing the body to near-perfect stillness, sitting in an erect, dignified, supple and symmetrical posture.  Just this physical stillness has an impact, as you will notice if you keep yourself very still for a few moments. It might not have the impact you think it “should” have, but it has an impact on your experience.

Fact Two, although the nature of the mind is to constantly wander, at any given moment you can shift your attention where you want it to go. Try it! Can you pay attention to your feet right now, to the physical sensations coming from your feet?…

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