Procrastination and Mindfulness

(re-blog from May 5, 2010)


Most of us feel we procrastinate too much.  We lead extremely complicated lives compared to just about everyone born before 1900!  It’s no wonder we don’t get around to it all.  Can we forgive our selves for that?

At the same time, we sometimes avoid our feared tasks so much that our lives shrink and lose vitality.

We “play it safe” and don’t get around to applying to that long-shot job, or developing that new, original idea.  Or we live in a drab room when it could be so much more inviting to us, if we just took the time to do some minimal re-arranging and decorating.

The good news is that we can become more aware of ourselves as we procrastinate.  We can breathe and be aware of our physical sensations, aware of that surge of anxiety/energy that comes up when we think about the feared task.

We can then ask ourselves:

“In a free world, where there was no fear, what would I be doing right now?”

“In what very small, decisive way can I take a step in the direction I want?”

“Would it be worth it to have a little fear, if it meant I got to take that step?”

There’s no telling what might happen next.  If you choose not to wait to “feel comfortable” doing something, you are free to act.  If you’re willing to feel fear, you’re free.

Are you willing?


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