Mindfulness of Time

Time marches on, but do you use it, or does it use you? Reblog from 12/7/2010.

Portland Mindfulness Therapy

“I don’t have enough time!”

“Where did the time go?”‘

“I hate all this hurrying!”

Time is a useful idea. Thinking in terms of time, dividing the year into days, the days into hours and hours into minutes, allows us to coordinate with one another and to track our progress on various tasks and other concerns.  However, when we are not mindful of time, instead of time being used by us as a tool, we become Time’s instruments. We become run by Time instead of the other way around.

To liberate our lives from the tyranny of time — from rushing from one thing to the next like hunted animals — we need to put time in its proper place. That requires more than just “slowing down.” Putting time back in its place requires noticing, moment by moment, the thoughts that we have which push and bully us to rush…

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