Anger, Agitation and Irritability: Harness the Energy!

Churned-up and agitated today?  Feel like snapping at someone?

Try something different this time. You’ve got lots of energy, wouldn’t it be great if you could harness it, channel it into something that is meaningful to you, instead of wasting it on something unproductive or even destructive?

Bring the attention to the breath. That’s right, not all those pissy thoughts, but to the physical feeling of breathing.

Good. Now, notice how strongly your mind wants to pull your attention back to thoughts. That’s a strong pull! We’re going to harness that energy, that current by returning to the body again and again. Like a sailor in a strong wind, we can skillfully use this power.

As you begin to become aware of the body, you will notice what the agitation, anger, and irritability REALLY feel like in this moment, if even for a second or two…. Good….

Now holding this question lightly for a moment: What would those sensations look like if you were a master artist and could paint it? Or, if you were a great composer or musician, what would it sound like? Or more simply, what is its shape and color?

Now go back to the breath. Notice what your mind is saying. Gently decline the invitation to  fight with it. Gently resist the pull to change it. Just notice, then go back to the breath. The inhalation, the exhalation, the physical sensations that tell you you are breathing.

Once there’s even a millimeter of “room” between you and your agitation, you can ask yourself more effectively than before: How do I want to use all this energy? What would be worth my time? What activity would be truly worthwhile?

Now you’re ready to go. The agitation, irritation, anger and pissiness are still there. But now you have created a way to tap into their energy and channel it into something worthwhile. Repeat the exercise as necessary.


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2 responses to “Anger, Agitation and Irritability: Harness the Energy!

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