Nothingness: Rest Is As Important As Work



While somewhat self-serving, I wanted to take this moment to acknowledge my absence this past week and talk about the importance of NOT-doing, as well as doing.  I searched for a good graphic of “Nothingness” and the best thing I found was a nice portrait of Jean-Paul Sartre, author of Being and Nothingness, who had an appreciation of the importance of non-existence or not-doing.

The importance of nothing can be as simple and commonplace as the need for rest as well as work.  We have to recharge our batteries and not treat ourselves like slaves.

On a deeper level, while we are productive, we reap the benefits of our time spent doing nothing, not the other way around as we commonly think.

It is from our periods of silence, of quiet mind, of still body, that great creativity erupts.

In the interest of time, I will take this brief comment to here.  I have this and others to pick up on in the coming days.

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