Procrastination Fascination


There’s been some recent buzz about procrastination in the media again.  I’d look it up, and tell you the specifics, but I’d rather not.

See, if I looked up what it said about procrastination,

1. I’d have to stop doing what I’m doing, and shifting gears is annoying

2. It might turn out the new stuff contradicts the old beliefs I have about procrastination and I don’t like having to revise my belief system

3. I have other things that are pressing and need to be done

4. I have other things to do that would be more fun

5. It makes me anxious to think about doing something that I’ve already made a big deal to myself about not doing

6. I already said publicly that I’m not going to do it, and it’s more comfortable to keep consistent with that public statement than to contradict it by following through

7. I am enjoying the irony of this post too much to go out of my way to resolve the ambiguity of what new information is out there about procrastination

8. I suspect that the new information is not research-based, but just some dude’s musing on NPR to challenge the commonly accepted wisdom, and thus garner attention for himself, and I envy people who manage to do that so I don’t want to give him what he wants by paying attention to his theory

9. I’m lazy, meaning that I just don’t feel like doing it.


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