Shattering: Why Mindfulness Meditation Can Be Frightening


In an earlier post, I discussed how mindfulness can break the chain between behaviors.  If one keeps practicing mindfulness, the most subtle and deep behavior of all can also shatter.  That is the behavior of having a self.

Many of us intuit that there is something deeply threatening about practicing meditation.  We’re not sure why, but we find it hard to get ourselves to do it.  Even 5 minutes can seem like “too much” to our minds.  And with good reason.

Our minds fear, with good cause, that if we practice mindfulness meditation enough, the false “self” that we experience to be real will shatter.  And, the mind believes, nothing good can come of that.  In fact, the mind misinterprets that possibility as an actual threat to continued existence, or perhaps the threat of insanity.

Thus many people, consciously, semi-consciously, or unconsciously, avoid meditation because they fear that it will lead to death or madness.

Meditation WILL eventually lead to death: the death of one’s false self, the constructed world you live in.

Meditation WILL eventually lead to insanity: the insanity of letting go of everything one had thought was an absolute truth, replaced with the true sanity of original mind, unconditioned mind, or clear perception of the world, unstained by rigid views.

Do you dare risk being shattered?


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