Mindfulness Makes Everything More Fun – Even Marketing!


For many small business owners, marketing oneself can be daunting, even terrifying.  Like just about any other challenge in life, and perhaps more than most, marketing a small business can trigger our Fear Mind, that part of us that is just no fun.

Marketing can be like a challenging puzzle, or even like a nonstop social adventure.  Or, seen through Fear Mind, it can be like a minefield, with the threat of humiliation, failure, even ruin, seemingly lurking under every rock and shrub.

Mindfulness allows us to hold our fears gently, as we would a fearful child or beloved pet.  We do not identify with Fear Mind, but rather, we take care of it compassionately.  This frees us to notice that in the present moment, our fears are revealed to be not only exaggerated, but simply illusory.  We can see through them, and while we may still have fear, we can start having fun too.

If you’re afraid of marketing your writing, your art, your psychotherapy practice, your window-washing service or your handmade terra-cotta kitten cottage industry, take a few minutes today to practice mindfulness.  Stop what you are doing, sit in a comfortable position, and bring your attention to your breath, following it closely as you soften into the present moment.

Can you notice that you are suffering, and deserving of compassion?  Can you notice that others are suffering too?

Can you notice, at the same time, that there’s a lot of fun to be had out there, beyond all the fears of failure and humiliation?

If so, you’re well on your way to enjoying your trade more than ever–even marketing it!

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