Mindfulness is Endless Resourcefulness: Choose Again

Well, I just wrote a great post (or so I think) on hopelessness and suicide… and then lost it somehow.

So I guess, as Newage-y people say, “The Universe” wanted me to write about something else.  I’ve previously talked about Mindfulness as Sticktuitiveness.

So let’s put a slightly different spin on it today.  Let’s say, “Mindfulness is Endless Resourcefulness.”

I’m not going to try to re-write the Hopelessness post; it will circle around again as suicide is always an issue in life, especially in clinical psychology and social work.

Rather, a few words on persistence and resourcefulness.


Mindfulness is also remembering to save your file.

What is ‘Resourcefulness’ and how does it relate to persistence and creativity?  In some senses, I think the most basic trait we are looking for in mindfulness practice is resourcefulness.  We don’t always need to stick to something.  We need to be selective about where we persist with our goals, and where we abandon them in favor of more suitable ones.  Mindfulness is not banging your head against a brick wall.

Resourcefulness can be a basic faith that, if THIS isn’t worth my time, then SOMETHING ELSE is worth my time.  It is a commitment to always having my eyes open for what is worth my time and energy NOW, not 5 minutes ago, not tomorrow, but NOW.  What is there to do now that is worth my time and energy?

A very wise woman was once asked to summarize her philosophy of life.  She said simply, “Choose again.”

No matter what is happening, you can always choose again.  Always.

Now, I wonder if this post will post this time?  No matter.  I have it saved in another file.  And emailed to myself.  And photographed…


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