Rushing. Racing. Hurrying


Rush! Race! Hurry!

Write that paper!
Deliver that deliverable! (what the heck is a ‘deliverable’ anyway?)

Tote that barge! Lift that bale!

This is your brain on “Pusher” mode. The “Pusher” is what Voice Dialogue practitioners call that voice inside your head that pushes you to do more, more, always more.

The “Pusher” takes its standards from an inner “Standard Setter.” They work together with the “Inner Critic” as an unholy Trinity; the Inner Critic punishes you when you fail to do everything the Pusher tells you you must do.

What needs to be done? What’s a good reason to do? What are not-so-good reasons?

Our sources of motivation and inspiration determine the flavor of our lives. If we are motivated primarily by fear, life will be bitter. If we are motivated primarily by our values, by our loves and devotions and beliefs and aesthetic preferences, our lives will be sweeter.

What are you hurrying for?

If you’re hurrying primarily out of fear, please slow down. I’m thinking you will not be physically killed if you slow down. You MIGHT kill someone or yourself with your car if you do not slow down.

If you’re hurrying primarily out of realistic assessment of the pressure of time, from a temporary determination to accomplish a time-bound goal, from a place of love, of valued living, then please, hurry mindfully. And be mindful of whether you REALLY need to hurry so much.


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2 responses to “Rushing. Racing. Hurrying

  1. eM

    I like that concept of rushing mindfully. Thanks!

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