Mindful Sex and Happiness: Men’s Deluded Search for Perfection*

Men try to find perfection in women, and ruin their relationships as a result. Reblogged by popular demand!

Portland Mindfulness Therapy

(* — don’t worry, we’ll get around to talking about women’s deluded search for perfection next week!)

“I want my wife to be a perfect 10!” says the young man to the therapist.

“How else do you want your wife to be like?” asks the therapist.

“She would have a great personality to match,” he responds.

“OK.  And if you had to give up some of one of those, which would you choose?”

“Well I wouldn’t want to give up either, but I guess she could have some personal faults, like she smokes or something.”

The presumption that this young man is laboring under is that he would be happy if only he had a wife who was a “Perfect 10.” The underlying beliefs are something like, “Having sex with someone who looks fantastic, seeing her beautiful face every day and showing her off to my friends is a recipe…

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