How I Practice What I Preach

Intensive meditation practice is difficult, rewarding, and essential for those who wish to be serious students of mindfulness.

Short and sweet, as I am packing to leave: Besides practicing mindfulness meditation every day, I practice what I preach by attending intensive retreats.  I try to go to a weeklong meditation retreat each year (missed a few after my 2nd child was born), and when I can’t, I go for an intensive weekend.
There is simply no substitute for intensive practice.  I do NOT like it.  I do it because I like what it does for me.  I have thoughts of home on and off the whole time and often feel an urge to leave.  But I stay, and I return, because I like what it does to my being.

If you want to do intensive retreats, there are many places in Oregon, the US, and elsewhere, in the Zen school of meditation, and many others.  We at Portland Mindfulness do not yet offer more than daylong retreat (and that in the context of MBSR thus far).  I highly recommend to serious students of mindfulness that they find somewhere to practice in this way.

See you next week!



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5 responses to “How I Practice What I Preach

  1. eM

    Always a beginner, I am. I’m quite humbled by your commitment to mindfulness. I’m just glad to know there are seriously, over achieving, mindful people out there. There are a lot of things that are good for us that we do NOT like. A lot. May you enjoy the benefits the retreat brings.

  2. mmm… slow-fired amygdala… I hear that’s a delicacy in Lithuania.

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