Lasting Effects of Meditation on the Brain

Meditation improves brain function (emotional processing), even when you’re not meditating. Pic shows reduced activation in the amygdala, a part of the brain involved in uncomfortable emotions such as fear and anger.

Read article from Harvard Science


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5 responses to “Lasting Effects of Meditation on the Brain

  1. eM

    Yes, the meditative amygdala! Now, that is a mindful connection. I’ve read studies about this before, and truly appreciate the scientific evidence that enlightens the practice of mindfulness. Awe(and then)some!

  2. I believe this in a second. After I meditate, there is always such an increased feeling of “space” between me and my thoughts. I don’t always think of the exact science, but I figure that intentionally labeling my thoughts as “thinking” for an hour straight helps me to take them less instantly seriously when they do happen afterwards. I’ll read the article!

    • Thanks for your interesting comments Jennifer. You may be interested to know that in contemporary behavior therapy, the mindfulness process of “space from thoughts” is termed “cognitive defusion”. Actually you probably already know that since I think your blog mentions Russ Harris’ book The Happiness Trap. But if you haven’t already, check out, for a truly overwhelming amount of resources for those interested in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (which Happiness Trap is based upon) and related areas of study. Blessings to you – Joe

      • thanks, Joe! I’m still in the beginning of the Happiness Trap, and I have not taken any Psychology classes in so long that I forget about using the correct terms for things. I will check out that site, my friend who introduced me to the book practices that type of therapy 🙂

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