Portland Mindfulness on KGW TV News!

Our own Laura Martin, LCSW on KGW News Portland, talking about making the holiday season less stressful!

She will be teaching From Dread to Joy: Self-Compassion in the Holiday Season, A Three-Class Series, Tuesdays 6:30 – 8:00pm, November 28th – December 12th. Register for the class: 503.222.2361

Click Here to Watch Video!



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3 responses to “Portland Mindfulness on KGW TV News!

  1. eM

    Well-spoken, Laura. A Mindful Thanksgiving!

    Honestly, though, is dysfunction so easily described in terms of whether one voted for a particular candidate or roots for a specific team? That is simply disagreement, and should be approached as such—but maybe the ways in which people allow themselves to act and choose to react on a daily basis over these issues (and more) can lead to discord, even dysfunction. I don’t know. I suppose it’s possible. I just can’t believe that religion, politics, and now sports can trigger dysfunctional behavior in families. From where does this polarity come? I think that the word dysfunctional gets tossed about too easily. True dysfunction is not something so easily made light of our laughed about on TV.

  2. Hi eM,

    I’m not to keen on pathologizing anything — it’s all “normal” as far as I’m concerned, because the human mind is fundamentally insane until trained, and even then continues to be so. But the topic gets some further treatment on Huff Post from some psychologist:

    • eM

      Thanks for the link—and I appreciate your take on “normal” and the human mind—”…fundamentally insane until trained…” made me actually laugh out loud, plus it could just be a wicked new slogan for PM. 😜

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