Working with Perfectionism using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy techniques part 1

Are you a perfectionist like me? Does it bug the stuffing out of you sometimes? Join me in an exploration of this Human tendency and we’ll learn some ways of responding skillfully to our perfectionistic mind using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

Oh, by the way I am Joe Rhinewine, PhD, psychologist and director of Portland Mindfulness Therapy.

The legal bit: You can and probably should try these things I suggest in this video at home, and they may be helpful skills to learn and apply in life. HOWEVER, this instructional video is meant as educational and entertaining; it is not intended to serve as treatment for any psychological or psychiatric condition. This video cannot serve as a substitute for appropriate treatment of any such conditions, any more than will it teach you how properly to balance a spoon on your nose. You are on your own for that.



February 15, 2013 · 4:40 am

4 responses to “Working with Perfectionism using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy techniques part 1

  1. I’ve wholly given up perfectionism – it was a ruse from the beginning. 😜

  2. I really enjoyed your videos. I stumbled upon them when I was looking for some info on ACT and perfectionism and they were really helpful. Sadly I recognise I have perfectionist tendencies and it has been a heavy burden to carry all these years!! I am in the process of launching a new blog called ACT Made Lyrical and my perfectionism has kicked in big time. It isn’t perfect. I could make up excuses to delay publishing it for ever and a day but I recognise that what is stopping me is largely down to perfectionism! When I launch it, sooner rather than later I hope, I will link to you as, if I ever do get followers I am sure they would enjoy your videos as I have. I have been a student of ACT and Mindfulness for some time and my blog is a direct outcome of what I have learned and continue to learn. Thanks so much for your contribution to ACT. Very timely for me.

    Regards from the UK


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