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Blogs Live Forever – Makes You Go Hmm…

Photo on 8-8-16 at 8.10 AMHi everyone! I never imagined when writing these blog posts that 2 years after closing the blog and moving it to my website, hundreds or thousands of people would continue reading the old posts. Naive of me!

In any case it’s been fun this morning answering old response posts (some as much as 2.5 years old), some of which have already been acknowledged. Thank you all for reading and responding!

So, have you run a blog? Tell me what you think I should do:

  1. Run both blogs, old and new
  2. Run only the new one and monitor the old (which I rarely post on now but do monitor)
  3. Re-theme the old one with a new central topic
  4. Find better things to do than worrying about old blogs!

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